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Any book suggestions for me to read as a new teacher?

Any book suggestions for me to read as a new teacher?

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Hello, I just finished a really great book, called "Educating Esme: Diary of a Teacher's First Year" by Esme Raji Codell. It was amazing, and really taught me how to face every day with passion and commitment, and to always put the children first while teaching. Do any of you have any other suggestions for good books about teaching or about teacher's true stories/experiences? I was not an education major, so I was not exposed to very much literature regarding education. Anything would help :) Thanks!

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Dan Burritt's picture
Dan Burritt
retired special education teacher K-12, FIE Trainer from Eureka,ca.

Beyond Smarter Mediated Learning and the Brain's Capacity for Change - Reueven Feuerstein, Refael S. Feuerstein, & Lois H. Falik. A powerful book introducing MLE & FIE that can change one's appraoch to teaching. Used MLE & FIE with SED, SDC, RST & Regular population to great success.

Kim Amor's picture

This is the book I would recommend every first year teacher! You are not alone!

Dave's picture
Special Education Resource Teacher (9-12)

As someone else mentioned, definitely pick up a copy of Harry Wong's "First Days of School". I'd also recommend "Why Didn't I Learn This in College?" by Paula Rutherford - great resource!

Cheska Lorena's picture
Cheska Lorena
Science Teacher from the Capital District Region, New York

Dave mentioned it earlier, and I agree: Rutherford's "Why Didn't I Learn This In College?" is a great collection of teaching ideas and strategies.

I would also recommend the following:
Martin Haberman, "Star Teachers of Children in Poverty"
Gloria Billings, "The Dream Keepers"

Mr. Page's picture

Fred Jones' "Tools for Teaching" - excellent resource for classroom management!

Paul Bogdan's picture
Paul Bogdan
Student-Centered Secondary Math Teacher

The Schools that Work section has great ideas and insight. The blogs and comments to the blogs give great ideas and insight. Waiting for Superman is a must-see movie for all educators. I am into student-centered learning and am not above plugging my own blog.

Meredith Ribeiro's picture
Meredith Ribeiro
1st Grade Teacher, Urban School District

Educating Esme & The First Days of School......thought there are so many good inspiring ones. My advise is that you read as much as you can this summer so that your second year will be a thousand times better than our first!

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