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Teacher evaluation

Teacher evaluation

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Time is going by and the year will come to an end in a few weeks. Throughout the year I didn't benefit from any kind of evaluation. So I would like to give my students an evaluation form to get their opinion about the classes and their teacher. I have looked at a few forms on the Internet but I am not very satisfied with what I have found. have you ever given evaluation forms to your students? Do they seem useful to you? Are you planning to give any? Do you have any interesting links to evaluation forms or rubrics to build one? Here are a few areas of interest to me : - Classes met the expectations of the students (content - they feel like they have learned something!) - Variety of activities and quality (challenging) - Quality of explanations given (oral, written) - Clarity of expectations in exercises and projects - Quality of evaluation - Homework load Thank you for your help!

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Mr.Bee's picture
Third grade teacher from Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Just make your own. Keep it simple and ask them exactly what you stated in your comment. They well be glad to participate because it is really their class anyway. No one likes homework. Peace.

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High School History Teacher from North Texas

I had trouble finding an evaluation that I liked online as well and after several years have come up with the following questions to ask my students:

Did the teacher create a classroom environment that allowed you to learn?

Did you feel that your teacher was patient with you?

Did your teacher provide assistance when you needed it?

Did your teacher treat you with fairness and respect?

How often did you utilize the classroom communication devices(webpage, facebook, email) to find out when assignments were due, ask a question, discuss an idea or obtain missing work)?

What assignments or activities did you think helped you to be successful this year (I gave them a matrix of activities choices to rank)

What do you think could have been changed to help you be more successful?

What did you (academically) enjoy most this year?

What did you (academically) enjoy least this year?

What is one thing you wish you had known about this coursewhen you started in the fall (i.e. what suggestions or advice would you make to students taking the course next year)?

I use to allow the students anonymity in their responses and to cut down on paper. I can look at my students evaluations as I get a chance and can use the data collected for the following year.

JB's picture

Good morning everyone!

I'm looking for a teacher I could speak with about their concerns with teacher evaluations. Ideally, I would like to find a teacher who had a really good, or really bad, experience with teacher evaluation. I am pushing for a story that will give me some background for an article I'm writing on this topic.

If you are a teacher, have any feedback on your personal experience with teacher evaluation, and are willing to share it, I'd be super grateful if you could get back to me :) I can be reached at

Thanks a lot,


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