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Hardest Part of My First Year...

Hardest Part of My First Year...

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After being an Assistant for many years, I made the transition to being the TEACHER. Lots of the things that I noted about other teachers that I assisted, I noticed myself doing. Why does that happen? My hardest part of teaching for was Behavior Management. Anyone else want to share the hardest part of his/her first year? P.S. What are your suggestions for Behavior Management? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Lisa Dabbs
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Hi Cheri,
I can appreciate your concern. I started pinning on Pinterest with my focus being only to support new teachers. There are many resources on the web for this need. Here is my recent board for Classroom Support and Management.
Here is a whole group dedicated to that support here on Edutopia
The hardest part of my first year, was feeling alone. I was one of 8 kindergarten teachers and yet none were focused on child development. They had stacks of hand-outs that they were giving to these wonderful kindergarten kids, with little concern for their cognitive development. It was a sad and difficult time for me. But I stuck it out!
Hang in there! Start now to change your behaviors and teaching methods and make them yours. Practice what you will say to kids and how you will say it, as often as you can, so that when you return you are ready to be you!


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