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Summer Learning

Summer Learning

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While the traditional school year is coming to an end we are approaching the under-utilized summer learning months. I am involved in a community initiative that has an intense literacy and math supplement to traditional summer school,. Students in our highest need areas "Hope Zones" who are required to attend summer school in the morning for credit recovery, are also invited to a supplemental afternoon program that uses a hands on approach to learning. Students are able to attend field trips, utilize on line programs such as Kahn Acadmey, and participate in a low ratio learning group (1:10 ratio). Students recieve constant feedback (the learning technique that provides the highest results according to John Hattie's research). Students also work on a long term project throughout the summer that is guided, but self paced. What other ideas does the community have for summer learning?

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Lisa Dabbs
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Here is one of my recent posts on summer learning:

Here is another interesting take from the archives:

I really like the idea of a book club and free webinars that can be done for FREE and the comfort of your home as the best summer learning ideas.

We need to be sure that new teachers Rest, Relax and Re-charge!

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