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Paper based animation project

Paper based animation project

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Think of stop motion animation, now accelerate the process so it is 10 times faster. Now you Tabletop moviemaking ( It is a puppet based movie making method I developed in an attempt to speed up and simplify the production process of using digital video in the classroom. The process is supported by national writing standards that focus on narrative writing skills. Tone, pace and volume can be targeted during the performance. During the production, there area number of art skills that are naturally integrated. For older students, 8th grade and up, digital video editing can be incorporated (I have delivered workshops where 3rd graders were editing too, but the approach needs to be modified). Working with digital video hardware and editing software builds digital literacies that are becoming increasingly relevant in our media saturated world. Here is a recent project I completed with sophomores in Los Angeles in which they adapted a theme from an opera, wrote a modern day short story, and then filmed a two minute animated movie. check it out. I love hear what you think, or help answer any questions. Cheers Brick Maier

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Gail Desler's picture
Gail Desler
Technology integration specialist for the Elk Grove USD (south Sacramento)

Hello Brick,

Just talked with Doug Niva from our Sacramento Educational Cable Consortium (SECC)- and we are brainstorming ways to bring you to our area. Love the table top approach to narrative writing and movie making!


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