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Engaging students with technology and 21st Century skills

Engaging students with technology and 21st Century skills

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I have been using technology to motivate my 7th grade students to understand historical content for a few years now, but was wondering how others are using technology in classrooms? I often use skype, google docs, podcasts, webquests, PBL's, wiki's, comic life and others, but could always use new ideas? I also am looking for a place where I can have private blogs for each student (120), any ideas? Eblogger is out, as it requires an age now. Let me here your ideas. Garth, Ohio

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Dave Cornelius's picture
Dave Cornelius
EDream Designer and professional development trainer.

I know this is a loaded comment for most schools but it isn't terribly difficult to host blogging on your own servers.

Another option might be using WordPress accounts. They aren't very private but you can also use them to help "teach" web design. You might be able to do the same in Google docs and Blogger if it provides enough protection.

If you are a Mac based program you can set blogs up in Iweb and FTP or SFTP to any server. They can even be RSS archived/searched if you post them to Mobile Me.

Whitney Hoffman's picture
Whitney Hoffman
Producer LD Podcast, Digital Media Consultant, Author

Wordpress installs will let you have separate user accounts; edublog might work as well. Are you looking for a classroom blog where kids respond to questions, or more for individual journaling accounts? Would wikis work equally well?

Mayus Chávez's picture
Mayus Chávez
Private School Owner and Principal

Have you tried GLOGSTER is a wonderful resource!!! EDUGLOGSTER is designed for education, I love it!!!

Morgan Giddings's picture

Maybe these would help?

This would be a cool way to bring history to life- you can visit the sites with your students online!

Photo Story 3 for Windows XP: Bring a subject to life with music and pictures. This free, downloadable program has tools to enhance, crop, and rotate your digital photos. Students and teachers can easily create a slide show with just a few clicks.
Found on
Good luck!

Maria Noel Cabezas's picture
Maria Noel Cabezas
English Teacher from Artigas,Uruguay (South America)

I would like to start a project learning using glogster as a resource,can you help me?

Mayus Chávez's picture
Mayus Chávez
Private School Owner and Principal

Maria, your students may start with Who I am? so they will familiarize with the Glogster tools, and multimedia.

Mr. Stapleton's picture
Mr. Stapleton
6th Grade Teacher and Tech Integration Specialist, Seoul, Korea

Take a look at this blog I have created for this very reason. I have outlined a number of excellent tools to use in the classroom - and how I have used those tools. Most are free web-based tools.

Richard Wood's picture

Garth. You may like to consider Spellathon for your students.

Launching this week Spellathon is a free teaching resource for English spelling practice in the classroom and at home. Its fun, competitive and engaging.

Spellathon will also be the biggest sponsored global digital spelling competition ever. All Schools, Colleges and University Unions will receive 25% of the income fundraised by their students!
Spellathon has been a successful, paper based annual fundraising event for learning disability charity Mencap for the last 18 years. In 2011 , by applying online, laptops, mobiles, tablets and smart whiteboard technologies with state -of-the-art 3D animation, Spellathon will reach a global audience.
Registration is now open for all Schools, Colleges and Universities from around the world, to receive a personal invitation from Stephen Fry ( and a Free Digital Schools Pack that will contain the interactive whiteboard game, assembly video, pre-populated digital marketing materials and everything else they need to take part.

Stephen Fry, the voice of The Professor in Spellathon, has said: "This is just about the best integration of imagination, education, technology inclusiveness and fun that I've ever encountered.
Register :
Watch :

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