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Judo Math

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  • Share I am passing this along to everyone because a couple of years ago, my daughter had the teacher who created this. What she learned in his class has carried over for the past two years and she still does very well at math. Last year, 8th grade at High Tech Middle (the grade he teaches) had a 41% Advanced and 33% Proficient score on the California Standardized Test for math, with only 8% in Below Basic and 1%(!) Far Below Basic. That is mind blowing. I haven't found any school yet in San Diego that comes close to those scores. I can give you more information about how Judo Math worked for my daughter. This isn't a sales pitch, just information for math teachers if they are interested (because I REALLY dislike Connected Math and am tired of teaching my son REAL math when he gets home. Thank goodness he will be in 8th grade next year)

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Marc Shulman's picture
Marc Shulman
8th grade math/physics teacher High Tech High, San Diego, Ca.

Thanks for this post! I am the other 8th grade math teacher that teaches with the teacher you are speaking of. Before incorporating Judo Math into my classroom I was struggling reaching every level and style of student in my class. The fas students waited for the struggling students. The struggling students moved ahead without mastering the concepts. It was the typical frustration most math teachers face. When Dan told me about Judo Math, it revolutionized my teaching! Students working at their own pace? I coulden't believe it! Judo Math lets teachers raise the floor and take the ceiling off for the students. At bare minimum ALL STUDENTS MASTER GRADE LEVEL CONTENT! Students ready to move on are able to master trig, geometry (hs levels), quadratics, exponential functions, and some pre-calc). Not all of these are mandatory but are available so the fast students are not waiting. The mentoring aspect is amazing too. Students teaching students is the hear and sole of this. Again, thanks for posting!

Check out for updates on how we have been expanding to other school in the country and world! We currently have 100 classrooms worldwide doing Judo Math.

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