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Independent reading time "debate"

Independent reading time "debate"

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Long story short... I currently teach 6th grade reading in 47 minute classes at a Math, Science & Technology school. I have been in this particular position for 8 years now (16th year total) and you could say I am pretty passionate about the importance of defending my students silent reading time in class.
It hasn't been that hard until this last school year. Despite the fact that my scores have always been the highest in the grade level/school, our administrators have decided that my students were reading way too much during class and it would change this upcoming year. I have been stewing on this for most of the summer, and now that I am preparing for the new year I am beginning to compile information to defend my stand.
Unfortunately, none of our administrators have a back ground in ELA and they pretty much view silent reading as wasted time. Everything current that I read tells me the opposite.
My question is...what exactly should I focus on when we "discuss" this issue with them in the upcoming weeks? I have a tendency to allow my emotions take over, and like I said I am very serious about doing what is right for my students.

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