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I teach in the middle school and use various websites with my students for interactive lessons. The problem I have is that 1. I use a mobile lab which does not allow for bookmarks, 2. If I give them a site to type in they have a very hard time and I end up going around to more than 50% to type it in for them. I used to use del.ici.ous to tag my bookmarks and provide a way for my students to easily access the pages I needed them to use. The problem I ran into was that it was way to easy for students to then link in with other peoples links that I had not endorsed and I became worried that might come back later to haunt me. So, my question is this. Does anyone know any really great social bookmarking sites similiar to the del.ici.ous site but that is alittle more private and kid friendly? It also needs to be easy and quick for me to add the bookmarks and organize them too. Thank you so much for any help or suggestions.

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Cassie Bennett's picture

If your school district has a Moodle account then you can attach links. The kids create an account to log into (usually what they use to log into the school's system.) I believe it's free. Talk to your tech. dept.

Amy Stough's picture

I have a Google site that I keep all links that the students will need. It's pretty easy to use and now that my students use it so often, they can do a Google search for it and it is the first entry! No need to memorize long URLs.

Miss Cathy's picture

I use Google sites as well. It's super easy to set up, and it's easy for everyone to use. I also attach assignments, study guides, powerpoints, rubrics, etc. It has been a lifesaver for students, parents, and me.

You could also use wikispaces, which provides private (and free) accounts for educators. The only drawback is that you need to set up login accounts for all of your students.

Bobbie's picture

As an alternative to bookmarking and a way to privatize for your classroom, using a wiki sounds like a good substitute and it has so many other uses to help with your classroom community building. You can post assignments, guides, tips, hyper-links and more to help the students complete the lesson. You can also allow the students' access to leave comments to provide you with centralized feedback.

Katie Bess's picture

I agree that moodle is the best way to make it private for your class. It has many other useful tools on it that will be beneficial for your students such as an active agenda for each day that you can post files and websites according to each class day. It is often used for college courses so it would prepare students for what is to come in the future. If it is free, you might as well give it a try if your district allows.

Whitney Hoffman's picture
Whitney Hoffman
Producer LD Podcast, Digital Media Consultant, Author

Google sites, ago ogle doc or a wiki with permissions may work well. A,so, consider setting up your own web page/ blog for your classroom and keeping the links there:)

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