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Technology in the Urban Classroom

Technology in the Urban Classroom

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What are some effective ways to incorporate technology in the urban classroom?

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Dreanna Dallas's picture
Dreanna Dallas
5th Grade all subjects Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I teach in an urban school and I have purposefully tried to incorporate more technology into my classroom. This is important to me because we are denying our students a well-rounded education when we refuse to recognize and provide practice with technology. They must be able to compete with the world.

One way that I have found to effectively integrate technology into my classroom is to use my classroom computers for research, writing, and creating products. Students are allowed to go to these computers through a class rotation allowing them to monitor their progress with an alloted time. This kind of independence is important because students in urban schools often have teachers that lecture and offer little opportunity for independent research. This is also important because they need to have more opportunity for independent activities. With research, I have also incorporated the option of them usingsoftware like PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Publisher, and/or Excel.

Dan Sherman's picture

Agree with Dreanna, given that most students have access to computers at home and are actively using technology. We need to ensure the same is replicated in classrooms, today there are a whole host of FREE web tools which can help you seamlessly integrate technology.

One of our favorite blogs is FREE teach for teachers by Richard Bryne who covers a whole host of these FREE web resources which you may find useful.

Jessica Piper's picture

I hope that all who come across this page will offer up expertise--FOR FREE. I am always so bummed when teachers have to pay to see what other teachers are doing with technology in the classroom. Please feel free to visit my blog (at no cost=) to borrow technology lessons I have created and successfully used.

Morgan Giddings's picture

One place to start that I found really cool is download the free tools guide.
It has so many neat examples that will give you inspiration on how you can incorporate the best technology for your lesson and students...
Here are some other helpful curriculum tools for ethical internet use!

Digital Citizenship and Creative Content ( is a complete--and no cost--curriculum
Critical Thinking in the classroom ( has a slew of lesson plans!

Enjoy and good luck!

Bobbie's picture

Technology is a fact of everyday life, one that is changing rapidly. Your urban students need to know how to maximize the benefits that can be derived from current technology and how to apply that knowledge to make themselves marketable. Along with the skills and knowledge to use technology, we need to remember to impart ethics for its use. These students will be all too soon moving on to college classes. Technology makes access to information fast, easy and almost effortless. Without an ethical foundation, that ease of access can become a pitfall.

mike lieber's picture
mike lieber
Technology Education - New York

Collaboration is going to make learning come alive for us all. Imagine all kids in one class each creating a piece of a digital product and saving to a cloud where it integrates into one product. No need for going into each kids file copying and pasting, no need for saving individually, no need to grade seperately. One product 25 collaborators as Cloud computing comes along, be ready for it. Start planning now the wondeful things your students will do!

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