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Free Resource Site for Math Teachers

Free Resource Site for Math Teachers

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Hey, Came across this really neat "free resource for math teachers" - TeacherZone ( Thousands of math video lessons - 3-5 minutes long - perfect for sharing with kids and parents. They seem to have videos for all math topics for middle school and other grades as well. Debra

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Heather Zampogna's picture

I love the TeacherZone math site. I'm a middle school math teacher teaching 90% of the time without a textbook using a promethean board and technology so this is great!

Robin Ruiz's picture
Robin Ruiz
Seventh Grade Inclusion Teacher from Central Florida

Good 2 -3 minute videos on every conceept skill you can imagine.

deannna lomax's picture

Thank you for the resource. I am always looking for additional ways to demonstrate methods.

Kevin Mason's picture

What a great resource tool you've introduced me to. The short lesson videos are essential! Thank you so much for sharing this helpful information...I will be sure to utilize it. All math teachers should review this resource, especially at the middle school grade level.

Leslie Wheeler's picture

I just joined today and am so glad I did! I did not know about this website and just checked it out. Fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing this.

Ken Cornett's picture
Ken Cornett
Retired: Grades 4 to 12, specializing in curriculum development has 4 programs to teach the 4 operations. The additon program is free, has over 270 pages per operation of instructions for teachers, 28 audio files, flash card designs, email address if questions with the program, the Addition Program is free download - a Grade 3 student whose mother thought she was math challenged forever, started the program in March, finished the 4 operations in August, went from the bottom 3 of her Grade 3 class to the top 3 of her Grade 4 class and now in her final year of univeristy, experienced few problems with math after she mastered her basic facts.

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