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"The Motivated Student: Unlocking the Enthusiasm for Learning"

"The Motivated Student: Unlocking the Enthusiasm for Learning"

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Have you ever been frustrated by your attempts to motivate kids with rewards and punishment? Do you wish kids were more motivated to learn rather than working for tickets to the school store? If so, you may be interested in a book study group I am facilitating based on my ASCD book "The Motivated Student: Unlocking the Enthusiasm for Learning." It starts in 2 weeks and is free. For details, visit: My goal is to gather as many educators as possible from around the world (literally) and discuss how to engage and inspire kids to value learning and succeed academically. If you're interested in student motivation, I hope you'll join me and be part of this exciting conversation!

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David Lee Finkle's picture
David Lee Finkle
Language Arts Teacher, grades 6, 7, 8 in Florida; author; cartoonist

I might have to join that. Do you need to get a book to do the study?

Have you heard of the book "Drive" by Daniel Pink? Really interesting stuff.

Bob Sullo's picture
Bob Sullo
author, educational consultant

Hi David....It would be ideal if you had a copy of "The Motivated Student," but the truth is you don't need a book to participate in the chat or join the group. The next live chat is Thursday, May 6 at 7:00 ET. Hope you'll be able to be part of the conversation....bob

Carol Parker's picture
Carol Parker
7/8 Drama, Film, Honors & Regular Language Arts

My principal and I were discussing next year and it seems there may not be any more room in the schedule for my class. This means there will no longer be an Arts class in the Jr. High. There will not be painting, drawing and learning about the History and Appreciation of TV, Radio and Film. I also teach Public Speaking and Speech Acquisition. I have watched my right brained children succeed in a world where they never knew they could be a success. I have watched their eyes open and their minds explode viewing films from all over the world. Once again we are cutting the arts because we do not have room for an elective, and California remains at the bottom of all 50 states. The Music teacher who is my colleague still remains fortunate to maintain his job of teaching only a small percentage of very lucky children. But, few students ever know the joy of holding an instrument and playing together the beauty of music. And, even fewer will know the magic of the silver screen unless it is a video game or an X-Box.

Betty Ray's picture
Betty Ray
Senior Editor at Large

[quote]My principal and I were discussing next year and it seems there may not be any more room in the schedule for my class. This means there will no longer be an Arts class in the Jr. High. .[/quote]

Hi Carol - Wanted to let you know about the #artsed chat on Twitter. It's a collection of passionate and articulate and motivated arts educators who are mobilizing to make the case for arts education. Please join us at 7pm ET/4pm PT on Twitter, #artsed.

If you're new to Twitter and/or don't know where to start with it, here's a primer to help get you going:

Hope to see you there!

Carol Parker's picture
Carol Parker
7/8 Drama, Film, Honors & Regular Language Arts

There you are!
Thank you for your email, I finnaly found which "thread" you replied to on edutopia. I can do email. and I walk in and out of libraries and book stores. Am I the only twit on the internet that cannot find the threads. This is so difficult.

I am a right brained kinesthetic person, who needs face to face, person to person contact. It is difficult to manuevuer the internet websites. I am teriffic with a room filled with people and teaching anything with creativity.

Anyway, the Twitter thingie was very difficult, could not get on. and at 4pm most of my faculty including myself are at meetings. I actually never leave school til way after 5pm daily. Luckily, my 7/8 graders do come after school for extra help in writing/reading. And, I have film club.

However, that still leaves me out of the Twitter fast lane, making me feel like a twit, and I did buy the books. They are teriffic and only reaffirming my lifelong feeling that creativity is more important than anything and that we keep what we learn in the art class and at the museum longer in our lives than anything in traditional education. Forever, we take stories and history to the arts and learn them best and with the most joy through music and painting and film.........OH, how do we get that into the heads and guts of our teachers and adm and mostly our politicians.

My students cried with me through AWAKENINGS & I AM SAM, and now have begged me for THE BOY IN STRIPPED PAJAMAS. Imagine, the last week of school an assignment of the culture of hate. Children never cease to understand ways to understand other people.

Is there a way to find a library of Sir Ken other than TWITTER? Thanks!

Betty Ray's picture
Betty Ray
Senior Editor at Large

Hi Carol and others -

Fear not - the world does not revolve around twitter! There are just some interesting conversations that are happening there.

You can keep up-to-date with the action by checking back to our Arts/Music/Drama group here:

We'll also be doing more arts-related articles in the coming weeks, so be sure to check our homepage and newsletters for those.

I love the story of your kids and AWAKENINGS & I AM SAM during the last week of school. Makes it all seem worth it.

There are some wonderful Sir Ken resources online. Have you seen his TED talk?

And the follow-up

Also, just to stick your toe in the Twitterwater, here is Sir Ken's twitter feed

These are all his posts. Check out the links on this page - all of them in the feed are from Sir Ken himself, so they're bound to be interesting!

Let me know if that makes a little more sense... (it's all about the babysteps)


David Suarez's picture

When it comes to motivating middle school math students, Bob's book really hit home for me.  There are so many things teachers can do to try to engage students and facilitate their success, but the bottom line is that kids need to feel safe, stimulated, and in control.  Accomplishing this for each child is no small feat in diverse classes.

A group of like minded math teachers from around the world is trying to make all three conditions possible by offering choices of challenge to kids in math.  We refer to the approach as "Challenge by Choice through Tiered Instruction and Assessment."  The results we've seen are very exciting.  Check out if this sounds interesting to you.

Fatima Carmelle's picture

good day
im a teacher in grade three....

can i ask when will be your next chat?

and if you can answer this question:
How will i maintain my pupils attention in my lesson even though i know that their attention span is so short?

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