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Combating Cyberbullying In Middle School

Combating Cyberbullying In Middle School

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Hi everyone, I'm new to the groups section, but I've written an article for Edutopia before on cyberbullying. We are two Maine media specialists working under the fiscal sponsorship of an educational technology nonprofit for kids, Platform Shoes Forum, to create an in-classroom manual called "Cyberslammed: How To Understand, Prevent and Combat The Most Common Cyberbullying Tactics" for middle and high school teachers across the country to help students learn how to avoid cyberbullying and to practice ethical, smart choices in using today's technology. It is due to be published by Youthlight, Inc. in 2010. We really need some real life stories of teachers to go with this manual and are particularly interested in knowing if your school has a cyberbullying policy. If interested, read below and take our anonymous 8-question survey! Thank you for helping us strengthen this manual! Kay Stephens and Vinitha Nair

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Heather Wolpert-Gawron's picture
Heather Wolpert-Gawron
ELA Teacher, Middle School, Curriculum Coordinator TOSA

Indeed, as we all know, cyberbullying is this new strand of bullying which is seeing a need for awareness in our schools. Perhaps if education had moved faster on just educating itself on internet usage, netiquette, and safety, we might have had a voice before now. But now it's like we're playing catch up to the crimes that have been going on for a while now. There are some great resources out there already, (iSafe, etc...) but they can use improvement. Everyone should lend their voices to Kay and Vinitha so that we all might help combat cyberbullying together.

Good luck and thanks for including your Edutopia group in the survey. Hope we can help!
-Heather WG

Kay Stephens's picture

Thanks not only for taking the survey but for the props! The best resources we are seeing so far (depending on the tactic) are Wired Safety's Stop Cyberbullying ( Cyberbullying Research Center ('ll be focusing on six different tactics when the manual comes out..and ways parents and educators can be informed..and armed to protect their children. I'll pop back in again when I find more resources. --Kay

Parry Aftab's picture

Thanks for the kind words on our site. We are launching an enormous resource for schools on cyberbullying, sextbullying, sexting and risk management called the StopCyberbullying Toolkit. It's a free download and has about $850,000 worth of games, animcations, videos, powerpoints, lesson plans, printables, activities, guides and tips for K-12, plus prof development. You can use them all without charge, not "training" requirements.
It will be released in March and might avoid you having to build something new. We're all for avoiding reinventing the wheel.
Parry Aftab,
Exec Director
WiredSafety (and author of stopcyberbullying :-))

Cindy Johanson's picture
Cindy Johanson
Executive Director, Edutopia

Hi Parry -- It's great to see your continued work and commitment to this field. Thanks for sharing more information about your upcoming toolkit.

Sue Wilson's picture

Hi - I am the parent of a middle school child who is in the midst of both traditional and cyberbullying. It appears to be an organized effort to destroy her. Today, we have kept her home from school because she is terrified, her self esteem in non-existent and we see her as being at risk. Kids pass in the halls and randomly call her obnoxious names and make fun of her. On Sunday, she received an IM chat through her facebook that was particularly hateful.

I am waiting for the school to contact me so we can determine what to do next. I don't think that my daughter can continue to go to this school because we want all the kids involved disciplined, which will most likely make the situation worse for my daughter.

My question for this forum: is there an actual school in the SF Bay Area where I can enroll my daughter so she can learn and develop the necessary social skills to be able to function? We tried home schooling last year and it was a disaster. She needs social interaction and also some sort of structured learning environment.

We live in Contra Costa County. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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