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Early literacy - help creating a package/plan

Early literacy - help creating a package/plan

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Hello folks,

I was wondering if there were any preschool teachers out there who have experience in introducing the alphabet to children and wouldn't mind sharing some of their ideas/techniques. My wife and I are not educators, but have started a small company that promotes special cartoon characters called Alphabetimals, which visually combine animals and letters to help make learning the ABCs easier and more fun. We have a website that has both commercial and free resources which feature the characters in different ways to promote letter recognition through sound, animation, and movement.

Although hundreds of parents and teachers use our resources everyday, we feel like we are lacking an actual system of introducing the characters in a way that focuses more on the learning aspect and less on the visual "cuteness". For example, if we were to send a package to teachers that had a coloring book, flashcards, and poster, could/should there also be a plan that explained a good way to walk through the resources to promote learning in the most efficient way.

I realize this may be a little too abstract, but even hearing about effective success stories from anyone willing to share could spark some ideas.

All comments and criticism welcome.

Thanks in advance!

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Whitney Hoffman's picture
Whitney Hoffman
Producer LD Podcast, Digital Media Consultant, Author

Hi Patrick!

Check out these links:

Reading Rockets (part of WETA in DC- they run LD Online, and do a lot with learning and learning disabilities)

This is about the Letter People- something they used at my older son's school to help kids who might be prone to struggling when learning to read:

School Sparks:


Yet another approach:

I think if you look and compare these resources, the thing that comes through, whether teaching to "normal" or kids who might have reading disabilities like dyslexia, is that strong phonemic awareness and letter/sound association, individually and in phonemes is important.

I hope these links help answer your questions - let me know if you need more resources.

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