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Flipped classroom ideas for high school AP English?

Flipped classroom ideas for high school AP English?

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I met with a teacher this weekend who expressed interest in experimenting with flipped classroom in his 11-12th grade English classes. He has seen other teachers have success with Math and Science but he hasn't found any good examples for English. Any suggestions for how he could get started? Thanks!

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Whitney Hoffman's picture
Whitney Hoffman
Producer LD Podcast, Digital Media Consultant, Author

Hi Jenny!
Most 11th grade curriculum is british or world literature, locally. The AP curriculum requirements don't specify books as much as skills kids should be learning and practicing ( To flip the classroom, you have to look at what "individual" work could be done outside the classroom, and possibly to a greater advantage, than inside the classroom.
There's a classic tactic- have kids watch a movie version and/or TV series of Pride and Prejudice before reading the book itself. Providing guiding questions about comparing and contrasting versions of the novel; look for similar story lines and themes in other modern movies or TV shows (you can find Pride and Prejudice just about everywhere, including aspects of movies like "What a Girl Wants"...) to show how literature endures and effects culture; you can have students write prompts on blogs and respond to each other's writing online fro homework.
Unlike science and math, where lectures can easily be shifted to "after hours", english tends to be less lecture based. But he could also record his own lectures and shift those to online so students can review them at their leisure.
These ideas feel a little lame, but its a start...

Jenny's picture
Creative Director, Edutopia

Wow, these are great ideas and resources. Thank you all so much!

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I am a high school science teacher and use Google Earth chapter tours and activities to engage students in reading nonfiction, primary source material. Feel free to check it out at:

Amy Erin Borovoy (aka VideoAmy)'s picture

Just saw this on Twitter via Catlin Tucker, an amazing 9th & 10th grade ELA teacher from northern California, who wrote "Yes, Teachers *can* flip their English class!"

Vocabulary Lessons: Flipped, Collaborative & Student Centered

Catlin's blog posts are always filled with useful tips and information. You can follow her on Twitter at @CTuckerEnglish!

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I have flipped SAT/ACT vocab instruction through The students absolutely love it. They learn the words outside of class through games and activities on the website. In class, I will take two or three days to practice and deepen their understanding through games and discussion, culminating in a traditional in-class quiz. The site even allows me to see what words are more frequently missed than others so I can focus on those during class time. My class's current quizlet list can be found here:

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