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Mind Killing

Mind Killing

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I believe that students (individuals) are complex human beings who come to school with life stories. They have history and transport it everywhere they go. If teachers cannot get support from existing student spheres of influence, then educators have to invade student life spheres and tap into those resources. Our personal spheres are made up of influences from personal, schooling, and societal experiences. I think there is hope for the next generation if educators, parents, and laypeople continue to share information with the future generation. A number of students are suffocating in the American school system. Minority students who score below grade level and fall within the “achievement gap” are the casualties. They are the victims of racist acts, inequities, and undemocratic practices within the system. Undoubtedly, they need protection from rampant educational atrocities historically approved by those in power. Hence, the American “village”—aspects of self/parent, school, and society—fails its children, and as a result individual growth is stunted or in some cases prevented. When the public begins to view students as casualties of a war occurring on the home front, hopefully, they will develop personal urgency to initiate change. The future of the world is in jeopardy, if young lives are continuously destroyed on a daily basis in a callous manner. Let's join together and revive hibernating young minds.

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