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Essential core curriculum

Essential core curriculum

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What do you feel are the non-negotiable essential parts of a k-4 reading/language arts curriculum based on common core? In my mind, they are 1. Whole group read alouds/reader's workshop 2. Guided reading 3. Spelling/Phonics (currently using Words Their Way) 4. Writer's workshop 5. Phonemic Awareness (K-2) Would love your thoughts/feedback!

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Jane Faulkner's picture
Jane Faulkner
1st grade teacher from Powell, WY

I would agree with those areas that you have listed. Our district is currently going through the Blackbelt Common Core training and has spent time deconstructing the standards. It seems the anxiety of the CCSS is that some feel the foundational skills are not being stressed enough, however from what I have read and been trying to learn about, it appears that they are still present. I think that there is a necessity to keep those foundational skills in the K-2 classroom so that we will have more fluent readers that have comprehension and application.
As a 1st grade teacher I feel that it is my responsibility to make sure my students have strong phonemic awareness and phonics. My school is quite focused on writing, using Lucy Calkins Writer's Workshop, and we have seen wonderful progress over the years. The direction of the CCSS where the students have many opportunities for written response, I feel the writer's workshop is definitely non-negotiable.

Edward V. Beck's picture
Edward V. Beck
Edward the Educator

I agree, but also delve into the preferences of each child and find reading/writing materials which uses their preferences as subjects and major on these subjects.

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