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Best books in 2009 for grades 2 - 5?

Best books in 2009 for grades 2 - 5?

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Hi there, I have a self-serving question to ask the librarians: As I prepare for the holiday with the kids at home, can you recommend some great books from 2009 that my kids shouldn't miss? Thank you!

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Ash's picture

I can only speak for 5th grade, I'm afraid. But the Missing series by Margaret Peterson Haddix is wonderful. Found is the first book, and Sent is the second. I believe there will be a third. I,Q: Independence Hall by Roland Smith is the first in a wonderful series, although I think it came out last year. If you have a girl, Boys Are Dogs by Leslie Margolis has not been able to stay on my shelves. I think a really terrific book for 4-5th grade and for any gender in 2009 would have to be Extra Credit by Andrew Clements. If I think of any more, I'll be sure to add to the list! :)

kwelch's picture
Librarian, Wesley College, Melbourne, Australia

The New York Times book section publishes an annual list of best children's books, and it's all available free online...for now.

Lora Ma-Fukuda's picture
Lora Ma-Fukuda
mom & former exec producer

Thanks Ashley for the suggestions! Just read the description for Missing and it looks like a fun read for *me*

kwelch, I'll look for the NYT list next.

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