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collaboration among Edutopia groups

collaboration among Edutopia groups

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Hi, I am a middle school (gr 5-8) librarian of 20 years. I am interested in knowing about how Edutopia goes about linking content groups together. It seems to me that, especially true for librarians, if we only talk to each other, we are not moving forward. While looking over the Edutopia site, I perused the middle school group - while there I discovered several questions that could easily have been answered by a competent school librarian. Do I need to read all the blogs/groups? How do we get together with those who would benefit from our knowledge? I'd like to collaborate with more teachers - try to stem the tide of those who think that all they need are laptops and classroom collections of Book Club books. Now, Edutopia, what do you do to link educators with librarians?

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Betty Ray's picture
Betty Ray
Senior Editor at Large

Hi Peg --

This is a great question. Currently there is no mechanism to direct questions to librarians. But that said, if there are enough librarians like yourself who would be available to answer these types of questions, we can begin on a campaign to encourage people to post their library-oriented questions in this group. Does that seem like a good idea? Let me know and I'll work on that.


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