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10 Typing games that rock

10 Typing games that rock

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Online typing games are a perfect way to give students' fingers a typing-workout. Such games come in a variety of different formats and many include stories, music or other thematic elements to make the play more engaging. Before you know it, you might spend 30 minutes practicing keyboarding and having fun. The incentive to score or pass a level adds an extra layer of intensity to the practice session which, for most of us, will compel us to push ourselves that extra bit needed to facilitate improvement.

Here is a list of typing games that rocks:

1. Typing Shark -

2. Typo II -

3. TypeRacer -

4. Typeroids -

5. Keyman -

6. Keyboard Revolution -

7. Dance Mat Typing -

8. Z-type -


10. Typing of the Ghosts -

Hope these typing games will help your students to show faster typing speed and better accuracy.

Test their speed at

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Samer Rabadi's picture
Samer Rabadi
Online Community Engagement Manager

Thanks for this list of recommendations, Adam. To make this list more effective, it would help to know a little more about each program. Why do each of these make your list? Are they iOS, Android, Windows, etc.? Free or cost money?

Gaetan Pappalardo's picture
Gaetan Pappalardo
Teacher, Author, Guitar––Word.

First of all, I've never heard of a typing enthusiast. However, I do presume that you will be a very popular dude with the PARCC breaching waters very soon. Third graders typing in a first draft story on a computer with a time limit? We need more than computer programs. Thanks for the list. Looking forward to trying some of these out.

Kevin Jarrett's picture
Kevin Jarrett
Maker Educator, Google Certified Innovator, Dreamer, Doer. Learning experience designer, workshop leader/speaker, author. Stanford #Fablearn Fellow. #GoogleEI

Getan is right, with PARCC upon us, keyboarding is quickly becoming a priority item with schools everywhere. The best way to learn it is to have ICT integrated into daily instruction, in other words, to have kids use computers throughout the day as much as possible...combined with good foundation skills.

We accomplish the latter for our kids in grades 2-3-4 with, a paid (but inexpensive) web-based program with great statistics and user interface. Our kids love it; many do it at home on their own time and several have completed the entire curriculum! We find it provides a solid foundation in proper technique.

Below second grade, developmentally, in our opinion, it's best to focus on what we call "keyboard awareness." That is where many of the games listed above come into place. One favorite, which is only available via the Wayback Machine, is Super Hyper Spider Typer:

Its selectable levels of difficulty and progressive nature make it suitable for young and old.

Another great site with free "game" style programs is - there are many to choose from, some are better than others, all are arcade style - you won't find anything here that will teach technique - but they can still be used effectively. Do watch out for the ads, though...

Hope this helps,


Dan Callahan's picture
Dan Callahan
Professional Learning Specialist, Edcamper, Graduate Professor

If you're on a tight budget for typing instruction, TypingWeb is a good alternative to KJ's TypingPal suggestion which is good for students grades 3 and up.

Graham East's picture

We have just released Typing Tournament Online complete with a free typing speed test. It has one minute and three minute free typing speed tests. These free tests gives you a quick and accurate snap shot of your typing speed. Once finished you can print a certificate and then if you like take a free trial of the full Typing Tournament Online. Works on Windows PCs, Apple Macs, Surface Tablets, iPads, Chromebooks and other Android tablets.

Tom's picture

TypingGames.Zone is a great selection of free typing games for students aged 7-15.
Teacher can also define which keys are used in each game by adding the chosen keys to url.

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