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New Opensource Video Game Console! Would You Use It in Your Classroom?

New Opensource Video Game Console! Would You Use It in Your Classroom?

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I'm getting very geekily excited about the announcement of this new opensource video game console that runs on Google's Android platform:

More info from the article:

"Gamers can connect OUYA to their televisions, allowing them to play Android and indie games or apps on their living-room screens. OUYA is marketed as easily modified. This means that it allows hardware hackers to create their own peripherals. Not to be left out of the loop, game developers can also create and sell their own games on the device; the only requirement is that they add a free-to-play component."

What do you think about this? Would you consider going opensource with video games to engage your students? Maybe students can even start programming new games for it! Would love to hear the edtech gamers' out there thoughts.

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Barry DeSain's picture
Barry DeSain
8-12 Forensic Sci and Earth Sci Teacher. Curriculum Leader.

Hi Elana, I think Ouya ( is a great potential interface for educational use. The biggest educational use could be in development of games at first. No telling how the games marketplace will develop at this point. So lots of opportunity for students to create games for each other. Sign up for developers is ongoing. At $99 it is very accessible for schools as well. Thanks for sharing this.

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