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Do games really make kids smarter?

Do games really make kids smarter?

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Do games really make kids smarter? Source: "Gabe Zichermann: How Games Make Kids Smarter." TED: Ideas worth Spreading. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Jan. 2013. Well, according to me playing games is one of the best ways to train your mind. In our today world kids or I can say the G generation train our brains by doing a lot of multi tasking through video games, which helps us increasing the speed of our brains and the time of reactions physically too. Equally, all the shooting games help us improving our eyesight and aiming capabilities which helps us in physical sports too such as baseball, cricket, some Olympic games, etc. Additionally, there are still some people who believe that games are just waste of time and create physical issues and some where they are correct because gaming addiction can be extremely bad for your health cause of not doing enough physical exercise. Therefore, gaming can be really everyone if there is no addiction.

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JoshW's picture
K-12 Math and Science Teacher

Very much so.
The issue with 'apparent' intelligence is that it largely depends on the motivation of the testee. Games instill a natural competition which brings out that motivation far quicker than a droll lecture will. A student who appears 'out of it' or 'unintelligent' during lectures can suddenly show up as a 'genius' during a game because they have been induced to take an interest in the material through their natural instinct to win the game. It's simply human nature. You can take a look at my own games on my profile page if you like. I was forced to create them to avoid putting the kids to sleep during a lecture or question and response discussion.

Neil Browne's picture
Neil Browne
ninth grade maths teacher

The problem with 'apparent' intellect is that it mostly relies on the inspiration of the testee. Activities generate a organic competitors which delivers out that inspiration far faster than a droll session will. A undergraduate who seems to be 'out of it' or 'unintelligent' during lessons can instantly show up as a 'genius' during a activity title because they have been caused to take an interest in the content through their organic intuition to win the experience. It's simply individual intuition. You can take a look at my own games on my information page if you like. I was compelled to make them to prevent placing the children to sleep during a session or query and reaction discussion

Samantha Jackson's picture
Samantha Jackson
Parent of one boy elementery school in Nashville.

Yes, yes and one more time yes!!!
My son is now 8 years old and he is very smart an good boy!!!
For us different games became very useful and even necessary!!!
The games on devices for not a long time are very interesting.
For example such a game as Fruit Eater.This game helps to develop a desire to eat fruits, the kid begins to think quicker and also motility is developing.

Cathryn Hudson's picture
Cathryn Hudson
Project manager, Conscious Dimensions LLC.

I very much believe that games, technology, are completely the future. I always go back to the days when television was new (yes,I am that old). When I was in 3rd grade the teacher wanted to use a TV, PBS had a LIVE science experiment on. I remember my Mother being outraged, what? Can't the teachers teach w/o television. But our class did not have the needed equipment to run the experiment, so the teacher took advantage of, um, NEW TECHNOLOGY.
Our group is working on gaming that help a new generation learn about themselves and others. Our current audience/students are older and we are being taught in the oral tradition. Good for us, but Conscious Dimensions wants to reach a new generation and games/technology, well, it just works! We will absolutely check out your website Josh.
thanks for the post, keep it coming.

Anu Divakaran's picture

Apart from making you a multi-tasker and smart, games could be a great motivation booster. Especially, for things which kids usually do not like to do in general. In fact, I would say that games are not only for kids but they are great energy and stress busters for adults like us. Hence, course creators have now started considering adding games to learning to engage learners and increase the success results of the course. I am glad to state that I have been engaged in a profession of developing a tool called Raptivity which allow course creators to add variety of games to learning content. Raptivity supports more than 40 games which can be customized easily. You can click here - to view all these learning games.

jdabb's picture
5th grade teacher va is a remediation and enrichment site that fills in gaps in math and vocabulary aligned with the standards. Students earn game time based on their progress in the program. It includes badges to reward behaviors/

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