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Text Adventures

Text Adventures

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Hello everybody, I've just discovered a site that may be of interest to some of you: It is great for creating and publishing interactive fiction. My young English learners have just finished creating their first adventure 'A UFO Landing'. They really enjoyed the process. Mike

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creedpatton's picture
English as a Foreign Language Teacher in Portugal

Hi Michael. I'm an EFL teacher as well, and a big fan of using text-adventures with my students. I'm planning on doing a case study with my own students writing their own Interactive Fiction games. I have yet to decide between using Quest or Inform 7. However, I was curious to know the time frame involved in creating "A UFO Landing". How many lessons or hours did it take from introducing the class to IF, to actually getting them to play the finished product? Also, did you help with the actual 'programming' aspect, or did they do it completely themselves?


Holly Gillum's picture
Holly Gillum
High School Librarian, Crossett High School

Many of my library patrons come in at lunch to game. I want to make this "legal" and acceptable by hosting some gaming competitions. Is there a way to do this without violating our tech policies and keeping it educational? I know many games have underlying educational principles the kids don't even realize. Are there onilne (namely free) games kids can play that would meet these requirements? It's still in the "thinking" stage, but I'd really like to do something special for this target audience.

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