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Affordable gesture recognition in classroom and education

Affordable gesture recognition in classroom and education

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Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had encountered an affordable and viable technology like XTR3D for gesture recognition? Thanks a lot! Looking forward to everyone's comments!

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Andrew Miller's picture
Andrew Miller
Instructional Coach at Shanghai American School

I do not personally know of any software, but I know the Kinect is used in the classroom often AND you can create programs for the xbox and Kinect. I know many teachers are developers of it. Search for Kinect in the Classroom for ideas.

Katya Kotlyar's picture
Katya Kotlyar
Developer of educational technologies for children

Andrew, thanks a lot! We as a company are already working with Kinect, but the development costs and the price point of the platform make it a little hard to create affordable applications for every school (correct me if I'm wrong). Such universal platforms seem to make it easier.

Alfred Thompson's picture

The Kinect SDK is a free download. And you can do a lot with Visual Studio Express editions which are also free. The Kinect device is pretty much as inexpensive a device for gesture recognition that you are going to find at around $150 for the Xbox version and $250 for the Windows version which offers some additional features over the Xbox version. Though the Xbox version will work with a PC if you have the power cord/USB adapter. I'd be really surprised if you could find a less expensive piece of hardware.

Nick Petten's picture

If you are interested in curriculum material and examples of projects that use the Kinect, check out the Partners in Learning Network website at The real fun with the Kinect is how you use it with different applications and in different content areas.

And don't forget, the kinect isn't only gesture recognition, but has speech recognition software built into it as well.

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