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Freebie - Explain how you use Edutopia resources and/or give us feedback!

Freebie - Explain how you use Edutopia resources and/or give us feedback!

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Hi all - To celebrate Edutopia hitting the 40,000 fan mark on Facebook, we're giving away an Edutopia DVD bundle (worth approx. $40) to the first ten people that share their story. How do you currently use Edutopia resources? What can we provide to help you even more? Please share! PS: We have to say it (since its been done before): Posts that are 1 sentence or less and/or just say "post" to win the goodies will not count. Happy posting!

This post was created by a member of Edutopia's community. If you have your own #eduawesome tips, strategies, and ideas for improving education, share them with us.

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Mark A. Roberts's picture

I have loved the leading edge teaching and learning articles of Edutopia ever since finding an article on Pen Pals as a cross-curricular project for students, while I was a student at USF St. Pete! Edutopia offers so many new and supported ideas for becoming a better teacher!

Margaret DeMoss's picture

The links and other information I send my daughter have helped her with her projects. She is in a masters program for teaching English as a second language. It is a very dynamic program and she is always pressed for time. She knows of this site and has excellent research skills. However, like the rest of us she only gets 24 hours in her day and it's never enough. She makes good use of this site!

Patricia Reynolds's picture

As someone who works with many certified teachers, Edutopia's information and articles provide interesting perspectives on current issues that aren't available from other sources. I've used several articles as discussion points to compare perspectives or present new information.

Vera Daniels's picture

I love the Edutopia articles. I look forward to reading them and following the discussions. I have learned much and use many of the ideas given. They also help validate what I do in my own classroom...something teachers need (validation). THANKS!!

Renee Peoples's picture

I can't addd much more than what is already stated BUT I can tell you that I have used it, told others about it (in individual conversation and in conferences I have led) and I love the up-to-date resources. I am especially fond of the pbl and the technology. It is nice to have the resources in one place!

Laurie Chu's picture
Laurie Chu
Web Production Manager

[quote]Edutopia has a plethora of great resources for my specialty, teaching teachers to use technology in the classroom.[/quote]

Have you seen our instructional module for tech integration? The module is designed for a two- to three-hour class or session. It can be used in conjunction with trainings of software applications that are used in classroom settings. Use the nav in the top right rail to get around.

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