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Grades and Daily 5

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I am starting at a new school this year and they are currently using Daily 5. I am looking forward to starting this in my classroom, but I am struggling with ideas to measure their comprehension. Are any of you using Daily 5? How do you get "grades" to report to parents?

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Jennifer Eisenberg Knutsen's picture
Jennifer Eisenberg Knutsen
3rd grade teacher for 9 years; 3-5 academy leader for 2

i am new to being a part of edutopia. after thinking about the daily 5, i came across a site... i do not know if you explored that site yet. i thought it was helpful. i myself however, have not used the daily 5 framework in my classroom. all the best.

Bonnie Zimmerman's picture
Bonnie Zimmerman
Certified EC-5 Substitute Teacher and Private Tutor in North Texas

I have heard great things about the Daily 5 program, but am just beginning my research. Here are some resources that might help you.

The is a great website. They have a free e-newsletter (some parts cost to access information, but there is enough free information to make the visit and the subscription worth it.

Also, there is a weekly #daily5 Twitter chat. You can go to for more information. Gail and Joan have posted to the Wiki discussion board. It is very active!

There is a Yahoo! Group called Daily5 at which seems relatively active

There are 2 LiveBinders that are full of information:

Hope you find what you are looking for. All the best!

Paula Bettis's picture
Paula Bettis
2nd grade teacher HSSD

I have used the Daily 5 in Kindergarten. We didn't have to take grades for reading but did track their progress with the CAFE menu for emergent readers. It is available on their website. In Daily 5, you conference with students, teaching them to set goals and discuss their progress. Could you use that process for a grade?

Christina W's picture
Christina W
4th grade teacher

This past year my school started using Daily 5. If you have not read the book, than you need to. That will help get you familiar with the program. CAFE is also a great source and book but I would not overwhelm yourself. Start off slow and you can always add CAFE later. As a previous poster said, the sisters website is a wonderful source but many of the items there are only accessable if you have a membership.

A GREAT free resource for Daily 5, or anything, is
There is a whole section devoted to the Daily 5. You will find a wealth of information, ideas, rubrics, tally sheets, etc. to go along with the program. Many of the items are in Word so you can adjust them to your needs. If not, simply email the original poster and they will usually send it to. Everyone on that website is great and willing to share.

Hope this helps and remember to take it slow!

Laurenlea's picture
First year elementary teacher

I have heard a lot of great things about the Daily 5. I plan to implement this program into my reading block this year. We have 90 minutes each day set aside for reading and comprehension. Do you have any suggestions?

Luann Starnes's picture
Luann Starnes
Kindergarten Teacher-Columbus, IN

I have read The Daily 5 and incorporate some of it into my classroom. Last year I set up book bags for the children and worked on read to self and read to someone. The students really enjoyed it and felt empowered. I would like to hear more of what you did with the Daily 5 in your kindergarten classroom.

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