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Ideas for Brain Breaks, Please Share...

Ideas for Brain Breaks, Please Share...

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Please share your ideas, websites, videos on good brain breaks for second graders. I would like ideas that stimulate the brain. I am desperate for stuff I can use at my summer enrichment camp.

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B. E.'s picture
B. E.
Elementary school teacher from CA

There's a great book (check Amazon) called 88 Energizers, and there are several sample video demos from the book on YouTube--very fun and energizing for students to follow along.

Energizers! 88 Quick Movement Activities That Refresh and Refocus, K-6 by Susan Lattanzi Roser (Aug 19, 2009)

Also if you have access to United Streaming for teachers, or maybe Teacher Tube, search under "rainy day activities", and you may find indoor PE-type activities.

Eyal Kaminka, Phd.'s picture
Eyal Kaminka, Phd.
Leading Educator at Joytunes

I hate to promote my own back yard, but - - a wonderful fun activity can be found at This site has a free music game that is operated with real, live recorders. The kids play the recorder to control the game, but they actually learn to play and are motivated to practice. This activity belongs to music education - and is applicable for children who never touched a recorder in their lives. If you want to operate it in class you will need access to computers, internet connection, and ... recorders. Enjoy...:-)

Molly Moore's picture

Have students lift their knees one at a time while standing and cross over and touch their lifted knee with the opposite hand. It stimulates left and right brain and gets the blood flowing. Have them pause and do same side and then back to cross overs.

tchrBrowne's picture
Elementary School Teachers

I use brain breaks all the time in my class and my students love it. When we do brain breaks my students also work on following oral directions. I break the class up into groups by saying things like "I want all the boys to stand up (if they push in their chairs they have to all sit back down because I only said to stand up not push in chair), jump up 3 times... touch 4 green things in the room then sit on another person's desk!" I then move onto the girls and give them some directions to follow. Students quickly learn that they have to listen carefully because if one of them does the wrong thing they all have to sit back in their chairs until it is their turn again. If you have your students in groups it is easy to pick small groups for actions to do. Examples of things to do: Stand on one foot and say ..... , high five 3 people, make yourself as small/big as possible, sit on something that is not carpet, turn around 4 times, put your hands over your head and shake them around, etc.

For other great tips and free items visit my blog at

Ms. Bea's picture
Ms. Bea

Brain breaks are proven to help students process information and are necessary for insights and problem solving. One tool that is working in over 1000 classrooms internationally since December 2010 can be found at Have fun!

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