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Motivating Students

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I teach 5th grade science and have been taking masters classes that focus on 21st Century Skills. A high percentage of the students that I teach are from low socioeconomic families. I am looking for ideas that I can incorporate into my teaching that will motivate my students, especially the students that do not see a connection between education and the future.

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Meg King-Abraham's picture
Meg King-Abraham
K-6 Technology Specialist

I wrestle with the same problem. I try to make lessons as engaging as possible, with lots of variety. The use of digital content and hands-on work helps. I am also going to start using digital badges next year.

Brittany Hansberry's picture

Another thing I have seen work is giving the students come choices in their learning. While there may be certain topics and standards that you need to work on with your students, allow them to choose how to display their writing. An example where this works really well is with book reports. All students are required to show their knowledge of the book in someway, however they can choose how to do it. They may want to make a movie poster for the book, a book sleeve, a written paper, or even a graphic version of the book. Giving them these choices allows them to feel in control of their learning and be more motivated to complete the work!

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