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Video Conferencing Across the US

Video Conferencing Across the US

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Hello all, I'm looking to set up a video conference with a classroom in all 50 states. We are a 4th grade classroom in Salina, KS. My district currently blocks Skype, so we use It is web-based, and would require no account our download for you. We'd love to talk about your state, what it's like to live there and more. Please leave a reply if you would be willing to help!

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Victoria Laster's picture
Victoria Laster
Fourth Grade Teacher in Hernando County Florida; 3 years experience

Right now I am to be moving to second grade, but if I get to stay in fourth I would love to participate. I'm in Florida.

Vicki Laster

Amy Davison's picture

I teach third grade, and we'd be interested -- perhaps a bit later into the year so that we can share what we've learned about Massachusetts history, if that's relevant.

Elvira Deyamport, Ed.S.'s picture
Elvira Deyamport, Ed.S.
2nd-6th Gifted/Talented Teacher


Check out this discussion group to find partners to collaborate with on a national level.

Most of them have Skype accounts, but I'm pretty sure they can use the program you are recommending.

Have you checked with your IT person at school about Skype? I know that my school blocks many programs, but once I mention it to our IT person, he finds a way to unblock it.

Good luck,


Joan White's picture
Joan White
5th grade teacher (self-contained) in St. Augustine, Florida

Our class is interested in participating.

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