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Explora Develops Your Mind- a Museo for Children in Rome.. How do you like this idea?

Explora Develops Your Mind- a Museo for Children in Rome.. How do you like this idea?

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  • Share I love museums. Because of my past work with the Lucas Foundation, I have a network of friends and schools in the " World Summit on Media for Children". I presented the Exploratorium's program " The Accidental Science of Cooking" my original presentation , " Summer in a Jar" as people still can, preserve and pickle foods with joy in many countries. My presentation was from my Grandmother's customs. So the friend were eager to show me the new museum here I went off in the rain with a grandchild in hand and my husband and daughter , and we tried out this idea of a museum where doing is learning. We learned a lot. I think we had the most fun in the supermarket and garden, but the water was fun to learn, because to manipulate the tools you had to figure out how to work the tools. I will post the photographs in the next message because they are the art of sharing how to teach concepts. The museum is the background and the workshops are the teaching, but they are not of the telling kind. There are levels of learning for all kids and I was there to help think about workshops , the museum is open in the summer for children to take courses for a day, for a week, for several weeks from 8:30 to 4 PM . This summer camp has a three course meal for children and if you explore the areas of interest there is a LOT to do. I am tired from just taking pictures. I would like to do a mashup of the " Accidental Science of Cooking" , a garden and the activities in this museum. Art is very much a part of each of the areas of learning and the children are at it for a long time. The activities are designed with children involved in the planning. The museum has also an interest in developing new ways of teaching math without numbers, explore the site a bit. Bonnie Bracey Sutton

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