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We should also make a bottom line of our own comfort space

We should also make a bottom line of our own comfort space

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Everyone wants to know his own first impression to others. We want to know if others like us at the first time we met or not. It’s not difficult for us to find the answers. The best way is handshaking. Then just wait. Now I will tell you how to use it. If it’s the first time for you to meet someone, so, the observation of his feet and legs are really important for you to understand him better. Those behaviors from the feet and legs tell you exactly what he thinks. When I met someone at the first time, I would walk forward and shake my hands with him sincerely. Must keep my eyes on him when we are shaking hands, don’t look around. Then I moved backward to see his reaction. Normally, there are three different kinds of results. The first one is he also moved backward or just moved a little. This told me that he needed more spaces or he didn’t want to be here. The second one is he stayed put. It told me that he was satisfied with the space between him and me. The last result is that he walked one step forward. It told me that he wants or likes to talk to me. So remember just watch his legs or feet, it can tell you the others’ thoughts. If one needs more room, we should satisfy his needs. And we should also make a bottom line of our own comfort space.Welcome to our company to know the latest news about Runescape Gold. You can also find RuneScape Gold was sold here.

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