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Oprah the Teacher: What has she taught you?

Oprah the Teacher: What has she taught you?

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In some of my social circles, it can be a bit embarrassing to admit that I love Oprah. It is so much easier to be snarky and make fun of do-gooders and their high ideals. But, I have to say it: I love her.

And as she wraps up her final season on television, I've been struck by what an education her show has given me -- and I'm grateful for all the "teachers" she's introduced me to. We've gotten to know world leaders, celebrities, survivors of tragedies, everyday heroes, people who seem different at first glance (but are really just like us), and tons and tons of do-gooders. She has, in my opinion, made it cool to do good. Even more importantly, like any good teacher, she has made me THINK about the world around me -- and how I can make a difference.

Here at Edutopia, I am constantly surprised and inspired by the amazing people we meet who want to make a difference. I have a feeling some of you might have been influenced -- like I've been -- by Oprah and her message to "do better."

So today, on the last day of her last show, I wanted to open up this discussion on Oprah. What has she taught you?

P.S. In case Oprah is watching: Thank you for 25 incredible years! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next!

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marsha's picture
art for all ages

"There are no coincidences" Oprah said near the end of her show today,. She spoke of many other things that also supported that thought in my mind. I never watch Oprah. I have been teaching during her time slot for years. I saw it today because I am one of the teachers that lost their jobs in the inopportune time of the school year due to state and federal budget cuts. I appreciated her tone today, she was a teacher recapping lessons. Her advice was music to my ears as I try to find my own worth, my own renaissance.There are many days as teachers, that we wonder why on earth do we continue this job? And Oprah, in her own way answers that. The passion, the need to make life better as children grow up than their parents lives. So thanks, Oprah.

Kathy Link's picture
Kathy Link
Multimedia & Yearbook Teacher; Tech Learning Coordinator, Fairfield, CA

Through the years she validated for me what I began to feel when I first watched Star Wars, that God and the Force (the Holy Spirit) is energy that binds us all and makes each of us special. I have worked to find my own purpose, and each day I take time to send energy toward my family, friends and students to honor them for their special talents and abilities.

Michelle Newsum's picture
Michelle Newsum
Primary teacher from Oregon

I loved Oprah in The Color Purple. I was saddened when she joined Mr. Guggenheim and the corporate "reformers" in misleading the public and in bashing public schools.

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