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What's on your summer reading list?

What's on your summer reading list?

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What are you hoping to read this summer? Here's my list. The Big Short - Michael Lewis My husband got this for his birthday and I've been stealing it unofficially now for a few days. It's the story of why and how the U.S. economy tanked in 2008. Hardly light reading, but his writing style is mercifully conversational. A Happy Marriage - Rafael Yglesias I heard a really great interview with the author on Fresh Air that made me want to read this. It's been gathering dust on my night-side table so I'm hoping to make some progress at the beach. Education Nation - Milton Chen - A positive and uplifting book about education innovation by Edutopia's Exec Director Emeritus. (coming out in July) What books are making their way to your summer reading list?

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Clark's picture
Elementary Art teacher from New Palestine, IN

A trio of spine tingling tomes. the Art of Racing in the Rain, Packing for Mars and Switch, How to change things when change is hard.

Sandra Wozniak's picture
Sandra Wozniak
President, NJ Association for Middle Level Education

Read two great books this summer that really got me thinking about the way we view our students. "Room" by Emma Donoghue really made me think about how each child, teacher and parent views the world from their own perspective that should be considered when you are trying to work through problems together. "The Glass Castle" a book by and about Jeanette Walls made me wonder if any of my students do not have food to eat or a place to sleep. Some of our students come with such baggage that we are not often privy to. I think that developing empathy and seeing other perspectives are key ingredients to good teaching.

DKistner's picture
Reading Teacher 8th Grade in Texas

I really enjoyed the Hunger Games series and this is a book I put down several times even though students would say, Oh you must read this, Ms. K. So, I finally read it and WOW they were right. I must say the author knows how to HOOK a reader, so you must know how it turns out.

I also read the POWER of ICU for no zero policies in school. I loved this about actual Learning, not enabling with a 50 or such. No opting out for students anymore. Can't wait to use those at my school, since the principal gave it to us, the entire campus will be using it next year.

Carol Parker's picture
Carol Parker
7/8 Drama, Film, Honors & Regular Language Arts

This is a great discussion group.

BTW THE HELP opens Aug 10. I cannot wait. I have read it twice now, and remember growing up in the 60's with the news of civil right's violence on the radio. "Mississippi Burning" is a great film to recall an ugly time in our history which many people want to deny. It is a great film to show older students. I recommend it to many of my 7th/8th graders, who thank me later for opening their eyes.

I am very interested in any other books such as Power of ICU on no zero policies in school. Our school is introducing this. Thank you DKistner. I agree we would be enabling and NOT inspiring children who need creative people who think out of the box. Not a crazy quick fix, which would never empower children in the long run.

I also have heard over and over how wonderful HUNGER GAMES is from many students. You have convinced me. Thanks again.

Constancia's picture

I just read The Help as well and loved it also. It stirred a lot of curiosity since both my mother and grandmother were once "The Help" in rural Alabama and New York. I encouraged my mother to get a copy and read as well so we can compare her real life experiences to the accounts in the book.
The movie is slated for Aug. 10? I believe with Viola Davis as lead; she's wonderful!

Merrill Watrous's picture
Merrill Watrous
Community College Education Teacher and Supervisor, Writer in Education

[quote]A Whole New Mind David Pink
Be sure to add Pink's book, DRIVE, to your list this summer. Both are transformational.

Dina Hofstetter's picture
Dina Hofstetter
High School art teacher from New Rochelle, NY

Truly inspirational page turner. Grueling and beautiful. It made me reflect on - well - just about everything that it means to be human and caught up in the insanity of the times.
It should be required reading for anyone in a position of leadership because it so poignantly illustrates the need to value and nurture what connects us to each other rather than what separates us.

KellyAnn Bonnell's picture
KellyAnn Bonnell
STEAM Integration Manager

This was a wow book for me. It was a biographical piece on film director John Hughes and how he changed the film making approach to teen films. I read it because I was the generation his movies impacted most powerfully. What I found was that I'm going to have find the time to do an alignment on the John Hughes library.

Kirby Fields did a great review of the book. I co-opted it for the blog. Here it is.

teboteach's picture
4th Grade Math teacher and Singapore Math trainer

My nerdy list is: Curriculum 21 by Heidi Jacobs, Visible Learning by John Hattie, and Rigorous Curriculum Design by Larry Ainsworth

Pam's picture
High School Special Education Teacher/Il Graduate Student CTER Uof IL

I just finished reading "Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds" by Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis (Cool Cat Teacher). It is a great guide detailing how to break down the walls of your classroom and collaborate with other classes around the world. It offers a wealth of information for a building your PLN, designing a project, collaboration, and digital citizenship.

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