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Hello! I have been a fan of this site for years! Always coming here when I need inspiration or a fresh perspective. I am always talking to my students about being involved on the web and "connecting" with others. I thought it was time I follow my own advice! I am looking forward to commenting and contributing!

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shanomage's picture

I believe that it is necessary for teachers to meet on a weekly or monthly basis to collaborate about issues faced in the classroom and to brainstorm ideas on best practices to overcome these challenges.I often find that most of the meetings that I attend at school are usually held after school, and the focus is usually geared on the school community and what must be done to acheive school goals.Since,pursuing my Masters in Education, I am becoming more cognizant of the importance of Learning Communities and how they can be used as a vehicle to better enhance teaching skills for the benefit of the students.
Therefore,I believe that we as teachers must ensure that we explore all the learning avenues to promote professional growth.
Equally important,we must be cognizant of individual strengths and weaknesses and focus on strengths to eliminate weaknesses.Therefore, administrators must ensure that time is provided for teachers to meet on different levels to implement new teaching approaches that will combat learning difficulties.

Sonnet Myers's picture

I too have been made aware of this forum through a program I am now pursuing. My first time visiting this forum was just earlier this week. We no longer need to work in isolation in our buildings as we have access to a global community through technology. As we learn about new strategies and skills,and develop ourselves professionally, we can become the agents of change to transform our local teaching landscape. I look forward to the interaction.

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