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Teaching Social Media

Teaching Social Media

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Hello! I am excited to be part of the Edutopia group. We recently started a social media pilot program at our Middle SChool. It's great and the kids love it. We are working with attendance, engagement and test scores, and so far, so good. Anyone else out there doing this? I'd love to hear from you and share ideas.

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Macky Cassidy's picture
Macky Cassidy
Seventh grade Eastern Hemisphere Studies teacher from Wasilla, Alaska.

I am interested to know what exactly a social media pilot is? I work in a middle school and I am always open to new ideas!

Andrew Berkemeyer - 14493's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Great idea! I think the more you can be involved in your students lives the better. Keep at it!

Dave Cornelius's picture
Dave Cornelius
EDream Designer and professional development trainer.

One suggestion if I may. Social media is great and we use it all the time in our Arizona high schools, universities and now some of our middle schools. The key is developing some sort of ethical use standards for the participants. For me I call them the Golden Rules of Social Media.

They include but are not always limited to:
1. Respect the spirit of the Net. It was really meant for communicating and connecting people.
2. Listen. Listening thoughtfully will help you get a better sense of what people are saying and feeling.
3. Add Value. Before posting anything always ask yourself, "Am I adding value to the conversation"
4. Respond. A quick response is generally a good thing particularly if it is of value.
5. Do Good Things. Think about people, planet and profit. Consider your social responsibility.
6. Share the Wealth. "If you've got it, share it, spread it around." I'm talking about information, time and knowledge.
7. Give Kudos. Be generous with your praise. Don't be afraid to help others find their moment in the spotlight.
8. Don't Spam. I don't have the time, interest, or bandwidth to tolerate the "Let's get lots of followers on Autopilot" attitude.
9. Be Real. Be yourself. Authenticity is the your single greatest strength and brand.
10. Collaborate. "The real energy, spirit and power of social media is people. We are social media."

I adopted these courtesy of Eliza Sherman.
Dave Cornelius

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