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A Unique Approach to Drug Prevention

A Unique Approach to Drug Prevention

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The Sundt Memorial Foundation is changing the way America does drug prevention. The Natural High Campaign is getting youth excited about saying “no” to drugs by showing how their heroes and popular celebrities have accomplished their dreams by engaging in their natural highs. The Natural High DVD Series is distributed free to all middle school across the country. Each DVD showcases different celebrities engaging in their own natural highs and their inspiring messages of why they chose that over drugs. The Natural High DVD Series is a very unique approach to drug prevention. The series conveys a more positive message about everything that can be accomplished without drugs, and presents healthy and exhilarating alternatives for kids. Figures such as Tony Hawk and Kelly Slater are people that youth can relate to and look up to. Kids see their heroes surfing a big wave or executing an impossible trick, while the message of saying “no” is simultaneously being communicated. Other famous faces include WNBA MVP Lisa Leslie and rock band Relient K. The Natural High DVD Series is distributed FREE to all middle schools across the country, and its positive message has reached 22 millions students. 80% of children who viewed the DVDs said it inspired them to say no to drugs, and they hope their friends can watch it. Over 1.1 million educators plan to incorporate Natural High 4 into the curriculum. For more information, please visit

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Summer Dunsmore's picture
Summer Dunsmore
Intern at Sundt Memorial Foundation

I believe that Natural High is an extremely helpful and accessible resource for children. While working at SMF, I have been moved by the testimonials and the depth in which we have influenced children to make the right decisions. SMF advocates for a great cause, and supporting and using Natural High in your classroom can make all the difference. To find out how to sign up to receive a FREE Natural High 4 DVD, go to:

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