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Would you choose to teach 2nd grade, or 5th grade?

Would you choose to teach 2nd grade, or 5th grade?

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After being out of the classroom for years, I am heading back next year. I have narrowed down my options to a 5th grade math teacher position or a 2nd grade general classroom teacher position. Before being out of the classroom, I taught one semester of 2nd grade so although limited, I do have some experience there. What are the differences? I would love to focus on math all day long but I feel my weakest areas are: classroom management and the daily routines that veteran teachers implement. Any input at all would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Mr.Bee's picture
Third grade teacher from Michigan's Upper Peninsula

You stated that you would "Love to teach math" so teach math. The classroom management situations are different, but you run your class the way you want anyway, so it should not matter. Peace

Tallulah815's picture
First Grade Teacher

if you love teaching math, you should teach math. You will figure out your management style and it will all work out.

I went from teaching fourth and fifth to teaching first. I think it depends on your personality, too. I love so many things about first graders, but I miss the content that I taught to the older students and the depth of our discussions. (Although, first graders are deeper than I would have thought!)

Best of luck!

Steve Pierce's picture

I can tell you from personal experience after teaching every grade (my current assignment is High School Photography) that each and every grade has it's own personality, pleasures and pitfalls. That's probably not much help, but as I have told mentee teachers in the past, it's all about your approach to the day, not the kids. Teach to your strength, which sounds like math. But most importantly have fun doing it, no matter what the grade. You have fun, the kids will respond in kind.

Charlotte Satterlee's picture
Charlotte Satterlee
2nd grade teacher from Texas

I've taught high school Biology, 5th and 6th grade Science and Social Studies, 3rd grade Math and Science, and this year, 2nd grade all subjects. I absolutely love teaching 2nd grade. The students are so enthusiastic and willing to try no matter how hard. They also are so forgiving when you make mistakes. This is the first time I've ever felt that my classroom is one big team working toward the same goals. Of course, this is my experience (been teaching 11 years now).

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