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Hi there, I just found this website and am very excited at all it has to offer. Are there any school social workers out there? I'd also love to talk shop on RtI and social emotional learning pyramids!

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Betty Ray's picture
Betty Ray
Senior Editor at Large

Hi Lori -

Welcome to Edutopia! Great to have you here. In response to your questions, here is a link to an Edutopia group discussion on RtI. We also have a group with many discussions about social and emotional learning. I don't see a discussion there about pyramids specifically, but you should feel free to start one!

Kim's picture

Just found this website, very excited to see what it has to offer.

Tahanna Francis's picture

I am a Social Worker in Lafayette, LA. I am interestred in chatting about behavior management, plans your school may currently use, and making rti for behavior work in high school (9th-12th grade).

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