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Your help, please-homeschooled 14 year old boy with ASD

Your help, please-homeschooled 14 year old boy with ASD

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Greetings everyone. I'm a former tenured teacher-elementary, but many years ago I left for the auto industry now unemployed and 55-I should have stayed. My 14 year old son needs online classes as his stress level and social skills cause depression. We tried online classes I pay for and he did well. What are your thoughts for online programs/cd's/special programs?? What is a Seat time Waiver? can he get a high school diploma with GPA? Anything else i should know?He needs math help-in a different way as his processing/abstract brain does not work well. Also, social skills. He has not been diagnosed properly either-how-where? Any situations like mine out there. I would prefer he go to public school-an IEP-might be to much for him. Anything is appreciated. Mark from Michigan

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Teri Weidlein's picture

Hi Mark,
I really feel for you. I have friends who went through something similar, their son is also diagnosed with Aspergers. They found a wonderful Pediatric Neurologist who helped them tremendously. If you think your son doesn't have the proper diagnosis have you tried a different Dr.? They had jumped from Dr. to Dr. until they found the right one for their son who finally gave them the right diagnosis. From what I understand, a seat time waiver is for 9-12 grade students and should be provided to your son by your school district. It is an alternative way for a child to earn his high school diploma but you shouldn't have to pay out of your own pocket. If your son is eligible then the district should provide the online service and any computer software or hardware he needs. They should also provide a teacher for your son to guide him and give him the help he needs. I think there is even more that they would provide depending on your son's needs. Your son would earn high school credits as he completes his courses, I don't know if he would have a GPA or not. It seems that you need to get your school district more involved with the help your son needs. In my state if the public school can't offer the proper education for a student, they are responsible to provide it in some other way. I would call your public school district and find someone who can give you answers. My mother was a secretary for Special Services in our district for many years. She always said that "the squeaky wheel always got the oil" when it came to the district helping students like your son.
Be an advocate for your son and don't give up until you get him what he needs and deserves. I wish you the best of luck.

Cheri Majors, M.S.'s picture
Cheri Majors, M.S.
Administrator at Majors School

Hi Mark,
I homeschooled 72 special-needs foster kids, along with my own son (ADHD & ODD) for about 12 years as I also had trouble getting my son diagnosed and public school had not worked. Now I write articles to help other parents like us get through, find options, and deal with difficult issues (education and health), etc. I know many of my articles could help you and your son, published online my news-page is on or for daily updates you should follow me on I'd love your feedback.

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