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Leveraging Social Media for Your School: How to get Started

Leveraging Social Media for Your School: How to get Started

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IT Director, Susan Bearden, recently wrote an article on how important it is for schools to use social media themselves (instead of outsourcing) to create relationships with parents, students, local organizations, and media. It was a great article, so we asked her to coach our community of educators on how to get started. If social media is something you have avoided because you didn't feel like you had the necessary tools to start, read this article. Bearden's simple steps will help minimize your fears and get you started.

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Whitney Hoffman's picture
Whitney Hoffman
Producer LD Podcast, Digital Media Consultant, Author

I think social media works well in a school/community environment, because it is like a low level touch, a conversation over coffee, etc. A post on a school facebook account with small reminders, notices, acknowledgements, etc. all go a long way to making people feel involved and connected to the school. Emails, by contrast, are one to one, and provoke less conversation, especially if they are sent out in bulk. Social media posts are meant to be one to many, but are public, so people often feel more conversational about it. Emails feel more like a note home from the teacher- it's gotta be important, where social media is more like "remember to wear your boots for the field trip!" friendly reminders you might never send an email about, because it's not so mission-critical of a communication. But this is exactly why these low-level points of contact can be useful- it's these gentle, friendly touches that make us all feel like friends and a community.

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