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Has anyone ever told you that you are an idiot just because you do not score that well is your exams?
Have you ever been denied an opportunity just because of your low grades?
Or simply put, have you ever been discriminated based on your poor marks?
Then you, my friend, have been a target of what I like to call Marksism.

You can even call it a disease or a virus, if you like to, that has corrupted many brains. Just like many other forms of discrimination, even this one consists of absurd roots. But no matter who the creator, the real catalyst who should be credited for spreading it all around the world is none other than our society itself.
It is we the people of the modern civilization that has accepted marks as the ultimate goal of a students life.
We firmly believe that a person's intelligence is reflected by the kind of marks he or she scores, irrespective of how creative or talented he or she is, and that is something most of us will agree to in unity.

This is a serious issue as the consequences of this can be really drastic. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for college students and the main reason behind Student Suicide is depression, which is undeniably related to marks and the fear of marksism.

The counter attack for marksism are many, one obviously being protests, just like any other form of discrimination.
This includes giving the examples of people like Stephen Hawking and the likes who were mere average students in their school yet became legends when they grew up.

We the proud modern citizens who always follow the public norm, who claim to be broad minded, and rational and supportive, how is it that we are the main cause behind the murder of Creativity and Talent?
I have heard many people say that there is a lack of talent, I think other wise.
There is no lack of talent or creativity, there is just lack of people who can appreciate it.

Raise your voice against marksism, before it is too late. If you are one of the unfortunate few who face the 3rd degree torture of marksism then do feel free to email me your problem at and I will be obliged to help you out in every possible way I can.

Thank you for reading.
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