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The Death of the Public Schools

The Death of the Public Schools

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The Chicago Reader published a story by Ben Joravsky, Do as We Say, Not as We Do about how the fat cats in Central Office led by Chicago Public Schools' new CEO, (Arne Duncan's successor) Ron Huberman, is asking for teachers to increase class size, coaches to work for free, sophomores sports to be eliminated, and other belt tightening measures, while increasing salaries for management and other bureaucrats. You won't read this in the Dailies in Chicago, because the press wants the nation to think the Chicago Public Schools is the school system that works, that makes tough decisions, even displacing entire faculties in the name of school improvement and reform. (I've posted this to a couple educational Nings, because it is important for educators to know how Chicago style politics works, because it has been exported to the Dept. of Education).

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Gary Latman's picture
Gary Latman
English Teacher / Technology Coordinator / Instructional Technologist

A few days earlier, a short article in the Chicago Tribune mentioned that Barbara Eason-Watkins, Chief Education Officer of the Chicago Public Schools, is leaving her position to become Superintendent of
Michigan City, IN., public schools. "Her absence will bring to zero the number of top-ranking officials at CPS with classroom experience."

Ann Cata's picture
Ann Cata
Displaced tenured CPS special ed. teacher now a cadre sub. soon day to day

Dr. Barbara Eason-Watkins, Chief Education Officer of the Chicago Public Schools had done little to nothing in stopping Ren 2010. She let the Board close, consolidate, turnaround and destroy communties in Chicago. As the Chief Education Officer, I feel that she sat idly by, colleting her paycheck, while the BOARD continued to make policies that adversely affected schools, communities, educators and staff throughout the Chicago Public School System. Her voice was rarely heard and she was passed over by Mayor Daley to be the CEO of The Chicago Board of Education after Paul Vallas, Michael Scott, Arnie Duncan (the basketball pal of Pre. Obama, with no education experience) and now Ron Huberman. The ONLY person that actually had ties with education in CPS will be gone. She will not be missed by this educator since she did little to nothing to SAVE public education in Chicago.

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