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Scholars Identify Five Keys to Urban School Success (Ed Week)

Scholars Identify Five Keys to Urban School Success (Ed Week)

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Interesting points that we've heard before, but have now been studied by the University of Chicago. From the recent Ed Week article: Based on a series of studies drawn from the database that the consortium has built up over the years, the five ingredients are: • Strong leadership, in the sense that principals are “strategic, focused on instruction, and inclusive of others in their work”; • A welcoming attitude toward parents, and formation of connections with the community; • Development of professional capacity, which refers to the quality of the teaching staff, teachers’ belief that schools can change, and participation in good professional development and collaborative work; • A learning climate that is safe, welcoming, stimulating, and nurturing to all students; and • Strong instructional guidance and materials. What does the Edutopia community think? Agree with these points or are there more you'd add? Here's the seven points that Steve Barr highlighted in my recent interview with him. Looking forward to your thoughts. Malaika

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