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template site for school districts to use

template site for school districts to use

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Edutopia I would love to see a sight for districts where aps are organized, sites are organized, with standards, subjects, topics etc...for easy access, navigation, and visually organized and user friendly, and a place to discuss and maybe even make decisions within each district. This might make hard copy curriculum obsolete and more money for the district. Are there such sights in use right now? I envision it being like a cloud so access is easy and maybe list each school etc. If this hasn't been created, I guess I am wondering why?

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Concerned Teacher's picture

I would love to use, see, create a generic site like this for districts to use with everything in place, just ready to plug in aps, sites, comments, standards, subjects, topics, discussions, schools listed, etc. for employee use.

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Kevin Jarrett
Teaching Middle School 'Technology, Engineering & Design' in Northfield, NJ

Hi Robyn, have you heard about Graphite by Common Sense Media? It just launched - and sounds like it might have what you're looking for:

What do you think?


Concerned Teacher's picture

That site looks wonderful. I love it. I wonder, though, if there is a template that can be created (for those perhaps less tech savvy) where each district could use and "personalize" it. It would list all schools, the sites, aps, and resources they use at each grade level, and then an area to blog. I am certainly not tech savvy so I don't know if this even makes sense for sure, or if it already exists and is just called creating a web page, but just thinking if there were a template for districts to simply plug school names into, districts might be more likely to use them. Does this make any sense. I love the site above, just would love a site that is personalized specifically for the schools and choices within each district. It seems like this is logical and efficient so these might already be available...I just haven't seen them. Is it just a web page that needs to be made as/per district??

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Dan, would you read my above comment also and see if it makes sense? I don't have a terrific sense of technology, so would love your input.

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