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Creative Writing & Video Competition Innovative Xpression for Youth 9-17 Submission Deadline May 20

Creative Writing & Video Competition Innovative Xpression for Youth 9-17 Submission Deadline May 20

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April 22, 2014

For Immediate Release
Contact: Dr. Steven Lee Berman
Anne Deane Berman, PhD

Creative Writing & Video Competition
Innovative Xpression for Youth 9-17
Submission Deadline May 20
Top Prize: $500 Scholarship to 2014 Camp Demigod
All Submissions Reviewed for On-Line Publication seen by 54 Countries
Point Roberts, WA -

DIGIVATIONS Camp Demigod's Camp Half-Blood: Vancouver/Point Roberts Branch and Camp Fandom are pleased to announce the First Annual Innovative Xpression Creative Writing and Video Competition for Youth. This international fiction writing and video contest is sponsored by NASA award winning DIGIVATIONS INSTITUTE, Village Books, Black Bond Books, and several others. The competition is split into two age categories: grades 4-7 and grades 8-12. All top prizes include scholarships applied to full tuition to attend DIGIVATIONS Camp Demigod, as well as publication on the DIGIVATIONS website and the DIGIVATIONS Innovative Xpression Channel. All scholarship recipients and their schools would receive a $15 bookstore gift certificate.

The contest invites creative writing and/or short video in the following genres: SF/Fantasy (speculative fiction), Steampunk (re-imagining the Victorian Age with futuristic technologies), Mythologies from different cultures (Middle-Earth to Ancient Asian influences through the elements) and Dystopian Societies (Hunger Games, Divergent Trilogy).

Visit or contact 604-628-9825 or 360-543-5641 or email: for more information and to participate in this competition. $20 to register. All registration fees will be applied to DIGIVATIONS Camp Demigod scholarships. All blind submissions will be reviewed initially by an anonymous panel of academic and industry creative professionals.

Final Judges include:

From New York:

DIGIVATIONS Advisory Board Members:

Chuck Dages, former EVP Warner Bros.

Hassan Miah, Co-Founder, Chairman and EVP, Business Development, One Llama Labs, Inc.

From Los Angeles:

DIGIVATIONS Camp Demigod Faculty:

Creative Writing Faculty Member, Larry Tuch

Theatrical Combat Faculty Member, Kim Turney

From Point Roberts, WA:

DIGIVATIONS Collaborator, Rose Momsen, Point Roberts Library

From Bellingham, WA:

DIGIVATIONS Sponsor, Paul Hanson, General Manager, Village Books

From British Columbia:
DIGIVATIONS Sponsor, Cathy Jesson, Owner, Black Bond Books

The judges are open to mainstream and traditional works of historical knowledge, including memoirs, narratives, compilations of documents or compositions, creative non-fiction, and other dynamic literary styles and genres.

About Overnight DIGIVATIONS Camp Demigod: Point Roberts, WA/Vancouver, BC

DIGIVATIONS Camp Demigod consists of Camp Half-Blood: Vancouver/Point Roberts Branch and Camp Fandom which are a blend of world building through innovation, role playing and speculative fiction (sci-fi/fantasy and steampunk). These overnight camps are based on the principles that kids have an enormous reservoir of creativity and innovative ideas which they look forward to sharing with other like-minded individuals who hold common interests. Camp Demigod students are housed in rustic cabins at the Point Roberts Fellowship Camp. They are grouped according to age and gender, and adult counselors live in the cabins with the students. Camp Demigod is not a religious affiliated camp.

This summer, Camp Demigod will have plenty of tactics and combat training for the campers who will make armor, swords and other weapons which they will master through the expertise of our swordmasters. Students enjoy four classes a day: Innovation Seminar (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math & Humanities), Art, Theatrical Combat-Movement, and an elective of Film, Music, or Creative Writing with world class faculty.

The day's quests confronting monsters, other challenges and mysteries at the beach and in the forests provide an adrenaline rush. After the busy slate of innovation and creative activities (art, music, drama), the nights will be spent keeping watch on the Camp, deciphering clues for the next quest, participating in game and skit nights, as well as campfires.

Dr. Steven Lee Berman and Anne Deane Berman, PhD

To register for Camp Demigod Sessions (July 1-13 and August 3-22) visit

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