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Who Should Win the Oscar for Best Teacher Movie?

Who Should Win the Oscar for Best Teacher Movie?

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I'm a sucker for a good teacher movie. Maybe it's because my wife is a teacher, and I've seen her fight the long odds to help her students succeed. She inspires me, and I want see others inspired by what teachers do. Movies can do that, although some movies are definitely better than others.

I really loved Dead Poets Society, but then I'm a poetry nut. Then there are classics... films like To Sir with Love, Goodbye Mr. Chips, and Stand and Deliver.

There really have been some outstanding movies out there, which makes me wonder--if all the teacher movies were in the running for a Best Teacher Movie Oscar, which one should win?

I'd vote for Dead Poets Society. (See my earlier reference about being a poetry nut.)

But what about you? Which film would you vote for?

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Svanborg R Jónsdóttir's picture
Svanborg R Jónsdóttir
Lecturer in arts and creative work

The Freedom writers diary is a very inspiring film for teachers especially. We use it in one course at the Shcool of Education University of Iceland.

MsVVRich1's picture
US History (9th gr), world history (11th gr) teacher from Bowie, Maryland

The Marva Collins Story, now all teachers can learn something from her. As a child I watched the movie and was fascinated with how she got all her children to read and and comprehend the text. As an adult I saw again at the beginning of my teaching career and I was still fascinated by it.

MargieW1946's picture
High school language arts teacher, Tucson, AZ

My favorite is Coach Carter with Samuel L. Jackson.

Eman Elhosiny's picture
Eman Elhosiny
Science Education Curriculum Specialist

so what ...i think we need recently movie for that not classic even it provides more & more ...
what about recently education movies

David B. Cohen's picture
David B. Cohen
English teacher; NBCT; writer; consultant

I'm not sure I have a favorite, though I have a tendency to react negatively towards teacher-hero movies. "Stand and Deliver" - "Dead Poets Society" - "Freedom Writers" - let's see... the true stories here led to teachers hospitalized, divorced, leaving the classroom, and the fictional one ended with the teacher fired and a student dead. I mean, they're good *movies* - but not great examples of what I want as a teacher. I would, however, recommend "American Teacher" (now on Netflix) if you want a gritty look at the hard realities of the job.

Mike Treanor's picture
Mike Treanor
High School Science Teacher

I've probably seen most of them, but I'd say Finding Forester was the one that resonated with me the most. The way the relationship of the mentor plays out and eventually turns around is priceless.

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