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SF Bay Area K-5 Teachers Wanted for Focus Group

SF Bay Area K-5 Teachers Wanted for Focus Group

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SF Bay Area K-5 Teachers Wanted for Focus Group
* Do you incorporate science into your classroom?
* Do you have experience presenting scientific topics to your students that represent new or emerging lines of scientific research and development?
* Does your schedule allow you an hour or two to capture and document experiences and feedback from your students?
* Would you like to help shape educational materials that would be freely available to fellow educators on the topics of extinction and de-extinction?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, read on!

Revive & Restore is a non-profit working to enhance biodiversity through genetic rescue of endangered and extinct species…

• By helping scientists advance and cohere the field of de-extinction and genetic rescue
• By supporting a broader use of biotechnology for ecological conservation and biodiversity
• By helping develop an ethical framework.
• By helping deepen the public discourse on the subject.

Genomic technology and techniques are advancing rapidly. It is becoming feasible to reconstitute the genomes of vanished species in living form, using genetic material from preserved specimens and archaeological artifacts. Some extinct species may be revivable.

Today’s young students will be tomorrow’s de-extinction scientists and policy-makers. Educators from around the world are asking us for resources to help them bring this exciting and important topic to their classrooms. The first step in doing this is creating online resources for teachers, kids, and parents.

We need your help! Will you help us plan the educational portion of our website?

We are conducting brainstorming sessions/focus groups with elementary school teachers who:
• will watch one of the TEDxDeExtinction talks on our website (10-15 minutes) prior to the focus group
• will engage their students in some of the key content areas to gather their ideas to bring to the focus group

The focus group and brainstorming session will take place on a weekday evening in Berkeley (date and location to be announced) and will be two hours in length, including a light meal. For participating, you will receive a complimentary one year membership to The Long Now Foundation and your name will be listed on the Revive & Restore Educators’ Advisory Committee on our website. Participants are asked to please come prepared to engage in active discussion, to propose ideas, and to build the framework for exciting concepts alongside fellow educators.

We hope you will join us! Please reply to indicating your interest in participating. An online poll of dates for the focus group will be emailed to you for you to complete. We will notify you once a date and time has been selected, and send the meeting location, directions, and other details.

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