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Urians of Bayugan International, Inc. (U.B.I.) Scholarship Program

Urians of Bayugan International, Inc. (U.B.I.) Scholarship Program

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I am thankful, being the President and CEO of Urians of Bayugan International, Inc. (U.B.I.), to connect with EDUTOPIA purposely for the benefits of our scholars in the secondary education. To be connected with EDUTOPIA would be a big help to these scholars in their knowledge in the 21st Century Education that is progressing through technology. Their learning in this advanced education would give them bright future to their lives and the community they live.

Our organization launched the "GIVE-A-CHILD AN EDUCATION" PROGRAM - the secondary education scholarship for the less-privileged children living in Bayugan, Agusan Del Sur, Philippines. For this school year, we have admitted 25 children as sponsored scholars enrolled in grades 7-9 in my alma mater. Annually, we are hopeful to admit more children from the rural communities in this province because we believe to the principle that no child left behind. Education should be affordable to all despite of the economic status of the children. And besides that principle, these children should also be afforded with the technology available to advanced countries to catch up with the 21st Century Education which is progressively fast for these rural children.

We are hopeful too that the benefactors of these children can continue to support for their education until grade 12.

Thank you again that I have came across to this website whose founder George Lucas has a compassionate heart for the children and their education.

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Joe Balbontin Jr's picture
Joe Balbontin Jr
President and CEO of Urians of Bayugan International, Inc. (U.B.I.)

Thanks for availing me this blog to be posted.

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