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What Common Core resources would help you most?

What Common Core resources would help you most?

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Hi all,

We're in the process of planning a batch of new blog posts, and we'd like to hear from you about the kinds of resources you'd find most helpful for Common Core.

So tell us: What has you worried? What would save you time? Are there tools you need but can't find?

Let's also use this as an opportunity to share any resources or tools that helped with Common Core.

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Elana Leoni's picture
Elana Leoni
Edcamper, Former @Edutopia, Founder of Social Media Marketing Consultancy aimed at helping educational orgs.

I was just at an edcamp this week and attended a session all about how to identify and create essential/driving questions for the common core. It was clear after the hour session that EVERYONE struggled with this.

We talked about some best practices like making sure to keep the questions open and fairly broad so that they fit with everything and don't limit the possibilities. One history teacher talked about his driving question being "What causes war?" another ethics/government teacher brainstormed a question that had to do with the limits governments impose and what inherent freedoms people have. One teacher also chimed in that school-wide, sometimes they have driving questions, which can help guide teachers.

Either way, forming the right essential/driving questions is hard. I think teachers could definitely use some best practices as it relates to the common core (mistakes to avoid, resources that are valuable etc.).

Hope this helps!

Candace Miller's picture
Candace Miller
10th Grade Biology Teacher from Columbus, Ohio

I have an app on my phone called "Common Core" powered by Mastery Connect. The icon has a green square with 4 black dots and CORE on the bottom. I love it because I teach science and we don't have common core for science yet, but the app list ways science can include the reading and writing cores into our curriculum by grade.

I believe I learned about this app thru edutopia... but its worth a mention because it is so helpful. =)

M Encarnacion's picture

The Common Core app is a must have. I agree with Candace. I've been using it for a while now and refer to it all the time. The app was recently updated and now has a much neater look. It really is a useful tool to have at your fingertips.

Sensible Solutions's picture
Sensible Solutions
Educational Publisher

Hi everyone,

We came across this article and wanted to share the resources that we offer with all of you. We feel that a lot of our resources, such as CCSS aligned book reports, article analyses and poem analyses, will definitely help teachers save time in the classroom. Visit our website at for downloadables and more.

We agree, Elana. Through the process of creating out ACCESS (Assessing Common Core Educational Standards and Skills) assessments we worked extremely hard to build each question FOR the Common Core standards- always incorporating questions that push students to think critically, and analyze and cite textual evidence- all according to the CCSS. Our assessments are being utilized by schools around the country, and are a qualified purchase for Title I funding. This also helps schools that can utilize pencil and paper assessments like ours tremendously.

We honestly would love to talk to anyone who would be interested or thinks their school could benefit from ACCESS and can arrange a phone call with our lead author of the program.

Candice and M, Mastery Connect is an absolutely superb company offering, in our opinion, some of the most amazing technology available on the market that is aligned with the Common Core.

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