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Hello from Metro Manila, Philippines!

Hello from Metro Manila, Philippines!

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Hi Fellow Education Enthusiasts, I am Jan Vincent Ong from the Philippines. As this community is into tech ed, I would like to promote a FREE education site that I work with. It is called Jakenpoy (click here to view site). It is a free educational videogame site that has questions for English, Math and Science. It is free via sponsors. You can know more via this video> Jakenpoy Introduction Video Although the curriculum is tailored for Filipinos, we can block the Filipino language and Social Studies questions for your students. If you are interested in trying it out with your school, you can email me at I am also available on Skype for any questions by searching with the email If you want to know more about me, I pasted my bio below. Hope to have dialogue with this community more and learn from you guys. Cheers! I am creative design researcher for Opposable Thumbs. Our clients are non-profits, government offices, and businesses open to our creative communication and business development process. My personal passion is education in the development sector. Currently, I have a side job as "salesman" to integrate into schools. Jakenpoy is a a free educational video game for elementary kids ( It is free via sponsors that place advertisements before the games. I have worked in curriculum development for value education programs in the Philippines and St.Lucia. Aside from education innovation as personal love, I am interested in Edutopia as I am starting a free site for children's content called Halo Halo World. The site will be free once again via advertisements. So, I am here to see what is out there and share with fellow like minded individuals. Cheers!

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